Thursday, September 2, 2010

CAUTION: Emotional Decisions Ahead!

This past weekend I was able to announce the beginning of several new serving projects that God has brought to us here at Midtowne Church. In making those announcements I found myself getting emotional. I initially apologized but then said that I thought it was OK to show that emotion as I was talking. I still believe that to be true.

I have been blown away by the response from the people in our church and even people outside our church. it is so cool to be involved in a place where people truly want to serve and want to see God's Love shown in practical ways.

However, I think sometimes we allow our emotions to make decisions for us. Remember: Emotions do not make good decisions. I am always careful with my emotions when I am teaching because I don't want people to respond to an emotion. I don't want people to respond with their emotions. I want people to respond with their heart. I want their heart to be touched by God Himself and for Him to be the one who initiates any response we make.

Don't get me wrong here. I think emotions are great. God gave us emotions and I think they are a vital part of who we are. I think we should be passionate about what we do. I think we should give all that we are and all that we have to whatever God leads us to do. We just need to make sure we are not allowing our emotions to make our decisions for us. Even if that decision is a decision regarding something that helps build God's Kingdom.

My fear is that we get caught up in the emotion and volunteer for some project only to find that once we get involved, we are not really serving from our heart, in our "giftedness," or from our passion. Then we wind up frustrated, tired, and ultimately doing damage to that cause and ourselves.

So What?

When it comes to serving, make sure that you are feeling God's calling to the ministry project and not just feeling that burrito you had last night. Make sure you are following God's leading in your heart and not just getting wrapped up in an emotional response. You will find that you will be more fulfilled and the ministry will be more successful because it is being run by the people God wants involved.


Doug said...

Thanks Mike. I appreciate your encouragement. Praying for you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug, I needed to read that for more reasons than one.

At Lake Nixon this past Sunday someone asked me to help them with one of their service projects. Before asking though they elaborated on how hard it is find people who is committed to following through with what they say. I have a hard time saying no, but I had to be honest with them--and myself--that is just not where my heart is. It is just not my passion. I feel guilty for saying no though. It didn't help they followed my answer up with a "well the Bible says" guilt trip either. I know what the Bible says and I know should have the same compassion and servants heart they do. But I don't. I only hope I made the right call and saying no was to pursue the passions God has laid on my heart and not selfish ambition. It is a shame that sin can make emotions our bane when they were meant to be our gift.

Doug said...

Dear Anonymous,

Ouch. Gotta love it when they pull the Bible on you : )

Check out Ephesians 4:16. He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

We all have a part to play. Play your part and the body will be built, not torn down.

Hope you find your part and fulfill your passion.

jaredrocksyoursocks said...

I glad you had such a great response.

Doug said...

Dear Anonymous Commenter Today.

Your comment was accidentally deleted before it got published. I was able to pull it of an email though so it appears as a comment from me. Sorry.

Here is comment from Anonymous today:

Gosh, I read this more than once and still have trouble ascertaining how it is that we are supposed to separate our hearts from our emotions. If emotions don't move us to act, many of us would never take the initiative to find out where we can best serve in our church and/or our communities. Getting people to respond from an emotional stand point sure beats the alternative of having folks continue to take up seats each week. Getting out there and finding where your heart is for service should start with an emotion whether it is from the heart or from "that burrito you ate last night."

Doug said...

Now Doug's response to Anonymous.

I agree that God stirs our heart. In fact, the Bible says that Jesus was "moved with compassion" when He saw one of the many crowds that was listening to His teaching.

The point is this. Don't just follow a feeling or an emotion. Make sure that God is the one prompting you to serve. You know the difference by the fulfillment, longevity, and use of your God-given gifts and abilities.

Hope this helps some Anonymous. Feel free to email or call of you want to discuss further.