Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Groove

It's that time of year. The time of year where many people get back in their groove. Kids are going back to school. Vacations are wrapping up. Jobs are gearing up for the new season. And yes, some people are even getting back to church.

I think it's interesting that we do that. We tend to live our life by seasons. We have seasons of extreme busyness, seasons of relaxation, seasons of commitment, and seasons of laxness. Depending on what season we are in, our walk with God tends to model our life.

That's why I like this season. People are getting back in the groove and getting their life back on track with so many things, including their walk with God.

So What?

As you are getting your groove back, don't forget your walk with God. In fact, I want to challenge you to put God in the lead position as you get back on track after the summer. If you do, you will find that He is more than ready to lead you to His Best for you.

Welcome Back!


Clarkgirl said...

Great always!!

~Arla~ said...

Sometimes we say our lives "in a rut". Wonder if it still would be considered a rut if we dug in deep with HIM and just decided to stay THERE and hang out?
rut - 1.A furrow, groove, or track worn in the ground, as from the passage of many wheels along a road.
I would like to wear a path between God and myself so that HE is my natural response, my counsel, my confident, my everything!
(= Arla

eman said...

Doug, good post. The subtle ways the enemy gets in and keeps us from our best with God.
sub·tle   /ˈsʌtl/ Show Spelled[suht-l] Show IPA
–adjective, -tler, -tlest.
1. thin, tenuous, or rarefied, as a fluid or an odor.
2. fine or delicate in meaning or intent; difficult to perceive or understand: subtle irony.
3. delicate or faint and mysterious: a subtle smile.
4. requiring mental acuteness, penetration, or discernment: a subtle philosophy.
5. characterized by mental acuteness or penetration: a subtle understanding.
6. cunning, wily, or crafty: a subtle liar.
7. insidious in operation: subtle poison.
8. skillful, clever, or ingenious: a subtle painter.

A daily groove is a great way of saying lets stay hooked into the source of our love, communication, desire, adventure, greatness. Father mold me, hold me, fill me up so I can run over....Whoooo!!!!