Thursday, September 13, 2007

Need a Hug?

"I've felt God." That's the statement that our 8 year old delivered while we were driving the other day. Needless to say, my wife and I were very surprised to hear that. Since inquiring minds want to know, I asked, "When?"

He began to tell us how one night as he was going to sleep that he felt a warm breeze across his face and chest. He said it made him feel very comfortable and helped him go to sleep. I asked him why he thought it was God and why he thought God did that. His response was a classic child-like faith comment: "I guess He just needed a hug."

I think God gives us hugs. I think He wants us to hug Him back and not just lean on Him and go through the motions.

I think one of the best ways we can hug and be hugged is by doing what He leads us to do and not just talking about it. By serving as He would serve and loving as He would love we show Him and His love to a world that desperately needs a hug.

Give a hug today: Serve someone. I bet you'll feel God hug you back.


Jen said...

The wisdom of children. That's precious!!

Doug said...

Thanks Jen

I noticed you are in PA. ow did you come across my blog?